My Ethos

Me + My Work

My name is Emily - I'm a feminist, a bisexual, a gender non-conforming woman, a witch, a union advocate, queer activist, radical leftist, textile artist, dancer, and healing practitioner. Daphne and Jack are the two names that represent my own divine feminine and masculine energies and are deeply personal to me, which is why I chose those names for this site and this work. 

I am a student of spiritual herbalist Karen Rose at Sacred Vibes Apothecary in Brooklyn, where I am currently a Level 2 apprentice, out of three levels. I have many other people to thank for the knowledge I have, and I recognize that in this work I will always be learning and that an herbal education is never finished. My ancestry comes from the British Isles, primarily England and Ireland, and my family came over in the 1600s with the wave of original colonizers. Anti-racist and decolonial work are at the core of my practice, which manifests in a variety of ways. First, I choose to connect with my ancestral roots in attempt to heal myself, and I recognize that it is my responsibility to help heal my ancestors and ancestral line through their complicity in colonization. Secondly, I choose to work with the herbs that are available in my region, and of my ancestry. Though I have studied some tropical or Indigenous herbal medicines, I do not work with them personally. I also recognize that certain traditions and practices are closed to me, and I don't attempt to work with them and I constantly evaluate my own practices to see how I'm complicit in colonial/racist violences and cultural appropriation, and how I can work against those influences. 

My reiki training was completed in January 2019 at MINKA Brooklyn, conducted by Aki Baker and Manu Del Prete. I'm certified in Levels I and II of reiki. 

My yoga teacher training is a 200-hour program taught by Three Sisters Yoga, and was completed in February 2019.

I believe that healers play an integral role in our communities, and this is a role that I take seriously. i seek to always hold myself accountable for my actions and my practices, and to develop reciprocal relationships within my community as a healing practitioner and as an apprentice. 

As a white herbalist in the United States, I have a responsibility to myself and others to practice herbalism in a conscious and respectful way. I currently live in Lenapehoking, now known as Brooklyn. I acknowledge my presence here was only possible through the displacement of the Lenape peoples, and I honor their ancestral lands and contemporary communities. Please see my blog for a list of BIPOC healers you can also support and work with!