Sliding Scale Medicines

Healing should be accessible to all, so all my medicines are available on a sliding scale. For the moment I have my listings through etsy, so please send me an email if you'd like to take advantage of the sliding scale, no questions asked. Once I get my e-store hosted on this website, sliding scales will be automatically available.  


I currently offer tarot readings and pendulum readings for those interested. I've been practicing tarot for 5 years, and pendulum for about one year. I'm very closely connected to my tools, and can provide with honest and easily understandable readings. Both types of readings can be done in-person, over the phone, or via chat. Pendulum readings are $2 and tarot readings are $15-$75.

Yoga Classes/Workshops

I am a 200-RYT certified vinyasa yoga instructor with Three Sisters Yoga! I will be organizing community classes and workshops around Brooklyn, so please check my calendar for those dates. If you're interested in hosting a workshop or class, please reach out to me via email for logistics and pricing. 

Herbal Workshops

Using my experience as a German teacher and from teaching at arts-based summer camps, I'm designing engaging and hands-on curricula to teach people of all ages about the history and power of plant medicines and herbs. These herbal workshops can be custom-tailored for your school, community, or organization, or you can choose from a variety of pre-made workshops that I've created. If you'd like to book me for a workshop, please check back in the Spring for more details!

Reiki Healing

I've recently been certified in Reiki Levels I and II at MINKA Brooklyn by Aki Baker and Manu Del Prete. I'm currently working towards becoming a full practitioner, and will be offering reiki sessions at a later date. 

Herbal Consultations

The consultations I provide are designed to be a thoughtful and engaging session between the two of us where I create a comprehensive herbal protocol (potentially including other healing modalities) based on your needs and life experiences to best suit where you are right now as well as where you want to go. They are intended to be deep talks where I learn about you, your needs and desires, so that I can understand what spiritual and herbal healing you may need at this time. They can be done at a community healing center or in your own home, whichever one is more comfortable for you. Consultations can be held on a continuing basis, or if you choose to do a one-time consult there is  a 30-minute followup two weeks after I give you the protocol included. I begin booking consultations starting in 2019! The price will be sliding scale $50-$200.